Multiple Streams Of Income Associate Program

I stopped by the local thrift store to shop for books and came across a full course in mint condition containing the following:

Level 1: Getting Started, Stocks & Internet

Level 2: Real Estate

Level 3: Personal Finance

Plus all the CD’s and a book written by Robert G Allen (Enlightened Wealth Institute)

For those that have went through this course, please let me know if it’s worth using my time to study it. I just want to make sure it’s not outdated or useless information. Thank you.

Depending on the age of the program, the laws, forms, etc. may be out of date. However, it should provide you with the rudimentary guidelines. Be sure to check with your State and Local offices before attempting any of the activities to ensure the legalities.

If you have questions, use this forum to voice them. The best means for obtaining information is from those who are out there doing it on a daily basis.