Multiple REO purchases who/how do i approach

I was currently looking at a reo property. ready to make an offer to the listing agent when i noticed that a rather new property that im also interested in is owned by the same bank. actual now there is a 3rd property owned by them aswell that im interested in.

how would i approach a bulk purchase for them all ?? call that bank and ask for their loss mitigation / asset manager. or just ask either of the listing agent.

I also havent got a buyer agent yet which i should have. should ask my buyer agent about proposing a multiple REO purchase ?

any insight would be greatly appreciated thanks

First, would you be purchasing the properties cash or conventional? Cash will get you a bigger discount…

Next, don’t bother with a buyers agent unless you need to. you can use that would be 3% buyers agent commission per property as leverage to get them even cheaper.

I’m having problems typing these days, and a proper explanation will require more time than I have at the moment. I would be more than happy to explain by phone how to structure this so you can get all three properties at the lowest and best price possible.

GooD LucK! :beer