Multifamily loan

I want to buy multifamily investment propety,I have cash for down payment but Ican not get loan because my credit score is very low 540.
I have had an accident in 2002 and filed bancruptcy with discharge in2003. Is any way to get the loan with credit like mine.Please respond.

One of the option to have a beneficiary – some party with a good credit, to whom you can trust, this party could sign for you and you will be a co-signer. Another one, to work with credit counsel and repair your credit, which take time. However, in any case the second option will never hurt))

FHA would work if you were going to live in one of the units.

Thanks for respond guys.I do not know if I can fix my credit ,bancruptcy is on credit report very long.I think 10 years.

If you are taking care of your other accounts you can overshadow the Bankruptcy a bit. Since your score is based off of credit history, make sure that the history is on a positive trend. Keep your active accounts current and credit card accounts at a balance of less than half of the credit limit.