Multi-unit Owner Financing


I have a prospective 18 unit apartment complex in the works for around $500k with a cap rate of 10 and approximately a positive cashflow of $1500 per month after all expenses. The lady who owns them recently received them, along with 40 other units, in a divorce and she wants to sell them. I made initial offer for 100% owner financing for 3 years with a balloon but she refused. I was hoping she might bite. She said she might take a small 2nd but doesn’t want to take the tax hit by carrying 100%. Does anyone have any ideas about what I might offer from a financing standpoint? Do all commercial lenders require you to put at least 10% into the deal? I might be able to do a 80/10/10 but of course I would not have to put down too much. BTW, my credit score is 803. Just thought someone might have some creative ideas since I’m still new to this.

Steve Cowan