Multi-family properties-Dave Lindahl

Hello All,

I was on a conference call last night with Dave Lindahl going over his multi-family investing strategies and his seminar. I’ve heard time and time again everyone say these type of seminars are tax deductable! What exactly does that mean? You can get back what you spend when you file your tax return?

I quite honestly would like to attend, but I don’t have the $2995 that the 3 day seminar costs, any advice? Thanks! :-\

There are better Cheaper things out there to buy!

i used $3500 to close on my first house. now if i had spent that on a seminar instead, i’d still probably be broke!!!

here’s an idea. donate $50 to your local library and read ALL the real estate books they have. then buy some courses off ebay. you’ll get
ron le grands and lindahl’s courses at 50% discounts.

use that $3,000 to invest in a property. don’t fall for the ‘invest in yourself’ phrase that professional speakers hired by gurus always use.

Thanks guy! Does anyone have any suggestions of investing in multi-family homes and apartment building books, or other literature that they could recommend?

You mentioned get something from ebay, anything you’d recommend? I know there are tons of books out there, do you know of any good ones? Thanks!

ron le grand’s stuff is great.
david lindahl’s stuff is pretty good too.

other than that i repeat, use your local library. my local library has
hundreds of books on real estate. if you can’t learn anything from
a hundred books then i don’t know what will help!!!

I would advise using the HECK out of the internet. I have done ALL of my research on the internet and have done several deals that have made a lot of money. On the other hand I (personally) wouldn’t advise going to the library to read their books. Ok, maybe if you are broke. But borrowing books from the library prevents you from hilighting information and/or writing ideas down. But like I say, if you are broke there is no better way to learn-well except the internet. Or if you have a library like ours that has no real estate books.


Great points Ryan!