Multi-family Markets

Ive looked all through the forums looking for discusion on anaylizing markets. Just looking for info on market trends, and conditions. Ones emerging, booming, or dieing,for multi-family aprtaments, condos, townhouses. Also looking for any good recousces?

Multis should be analyzed by income only, forget market trends or anything else like that. Inflation, deflation, lack of either…irrelevant. Multis produce cashflow, they aren’t there to speculate on appreciation. Start reading through this section to learn more about analyzing cashflow and determining what you should offer on buildings you find and take it from there:,28.0.html

while real estate is certainly localized and its very hard to predict anything in the real estate or capital markets, it doesn’t hurt to look at trends.

There are a few good resources for property trends on a metro level. REIS, real property analytics, and the ULI are good resources. ULI is in the process of rolling out their Emerging Trends in real Estate 2008, which was done in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers. CBRE and Cushman have free reports and white papers, but they’re not updated as often.

They all charge fees for their reports which are each arranged differently, but most of the info is pulled from the same research.

The one thing that i like about each of those metro reports is you can get a fairly recent snapshot of construction and absorption statistics.

If you’ve found a great deal with great numbers then all the statistics in the world probably don’t matter, but it always helps to know which way the numbers are trending.

I saw a show on CNN last night about Global Warming. Their “experts” said the ice caps are melting and sea levels will rise 20 feet. Therefore, I would say that most coastal areas are SINKING markets. :bobble

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I’m buying properties that are 10 miles inland and waiting for them to be waterfront!

ive noticed in high forclosure markets(which seems to be everywhere these days) multi-family is a pretty sound investment seeing how people still need somewhere to live and with a forclosure on their credit you know they will be renting.