Multi-Family deal or not?

Hello everybody, I’m a newbie to real estate investing.

I’m interested in multi-family properties and have just found 1, well actually 6 multi-family units with a total of 24 units. Here’s a slight discribtion of it.

24 units, 28,000 SF

2.00 Acres

Occupancy is 95% @ $550 a month each unit

Priced at $1,200,000.00 , (but want to offer a little less)

Cap Rate: 11.00%

Built in 1985

Parking Lot ratio: 4/1000

FMV $1,654,000

this looks attractive to me, tell me how to approch this as far as (well everything) including the offer. I’d like to get it and keep it for a while.
I’ll need a lender to work with me on this too. hmmmmmmmmmm, now that’s the part that’s kinda scarey.

Any and all advice is welcomed.

thank you very much.