Mr. John Beck.

What is the Court process to achieve the ultimate in Real Estate Profits ! … Can anyone from experience and purchase of his dynamic program shed some Light as to what step - by - step process gos into the court being used as a financing tool to court order the costs of tax lein property for the states docket meandor? … The judge uses your time and in business ; time is money …, and the courts recoupe on this by giving you a factoring on calculations for the time in the case presented with each sale… I hear say that many people want to keep it hush hush because it is a Secret Invstment Tool … but isn’t it the LAW? …

thanks for any return and enlightenment ! Because I want to buy the course … and try it out but want to be also ; , prepared for what I am getting myself into without much money !

Happy Holidays !



WHAT??? :huh


Your english is very hard to understand and believe me, I usually understand ESL typers. Anyway, to answer your question, I have never used john beck’s course but from what I know of it, it is basically a course about investing in Tax Liens. Don’t expect to get nice houses for pennies like he claims. Each state has its own law and there is usually a redemption period where the owner can pay you what you paid plus interest and get his property back. Some places it can be up to 2 years.

what the hell are you talking about mahn? :banghead2

I am going to guess that he is taking quotes out of the promotional material (advertising for the course) and is trying to figure out just what process the course is selling.

The gurus always try to make it sound like they are going to teach you some great secret that nobody else knows.

All I have to say is to look up John Beck on the internet. Rarely is anything good said of him and his program(s).

Other than that, I have no idea what you are saying.