Mr. Bubble's Neighborhood

Is the price of your House about to Plummet? ???

There are No foolproof indicators to rely on.

My research from Business Week, Torto Wheaton Research of Boston, San Francisco Loan Companies, NAR, John Burns Real Estate Consulting Inc, Standard and Poors List, and Peter Coy in New York, yeild the following findings to date. 5/05/05

Here are the trouble spots to watch for vulnerability in the upcoming year. :o

  1. San Diego ( 5 year Gain 137%)

Huge price leaps have pushed home values very high compared to rents a sign of a speculative market. Watch out is my advice.

  1. Los Angles ( 5 Year Gain 118%)

Ranks last in the USA in the ability of a middle-income family to buy a mid-priced home according to NAHB

  1. Miami ( 5 year Gain 105%)

Standard and Poor told me that Miami is at Risk for a fall based on the area history of BIG price fluctuations and the recent run up in home values.

  1. Las Vegas (5 year gain 103%)

While jobs rose 23% from 1999 to 2004, single family housing permits rose even more: 59% Some 16% of all homes are being bought there as investments…

  1. Washington DC. ( 5 Year Gain 97%)

Purchase prices are very high in comparison to rents, which suggest that buyers expect unrealistically large capital gains.

  1. New York ( 5 Year 95% Gain )

The least affordable Big City east of the Mississippi

  1. San Francisco Bay ( 5 Year Gain 78%)

Prices have soared even though the areas jobs has fallen by 7% since 1999

  1. Boston MA ( 5 Year Gain of 44%)

While recent price increases have relatively restrained, prices are very high in comparison to both incomes and rents.

Some other areas to be careful in are:

Redding CA, Tallahassee FL, and Trenton NJ.

I welcome real world feedback on each of these areas. :slight_smile:

Happy Investing,

i’d also add seattle. house prices are high compared to median incomes and rents.
there also no job diversity, being that there’s only 2 major employers - microsoft and starbucks.

Good Point:

Seattle is added to the list.

Anyone else know of any other trouble areas?