Moving to Savannah

Looks like Im moving from the Atlanta burbs down to Savannah. My girlfriends parents own a print shop there. Shes going to work at the shop and Im going to build a landscaping company (again).

My landscaping company is mostly trimming trees and manicuring plants. I have a rusty old small car and recently got a hitch on the back with a (barely legal) trailer for hauling a push mower. My mower is literally a push mower, nothing heavy duty. I have a decent weed wacker and a leaf blower. Thats it. Im basically too poor for better equipment yet. Id like to acquire more skills but for now its all manual labor.

How is the real estate scene in Savannah? Are there any REIA’s?

There are no deals in Georgia. None.

Well I’m Going to California

(Not really)

Im going to have a sign on my car window

Savannah Or Bust!
We Buy Houses!

Yeah…Savannah’s where all the moneys at…