Moving to Florida...

It seems I will be taking an offer to move to Florida with my J.O.B. and after looking at and searching Orlando it woudl seem that housing is far more expensive there than here in Dallas and surrounding cities.

Doesn anyone know if it is true that the cost of living is more expensive in Orlando than here in Dallas? Am I just not looking at the right houses? Is there any junker houses to be had in Orlando that are $20k-$40k or are things slightly more expensive there?

20k-40k in FLORIDA Not in the last 18 months. You can find land for 20k for a 1/4 acre, but thats about it sorry

Well I see on several sites that the cost of living in Orlando, Florida is less than Dallas, Texas, but the prices I am finding on houses and the age of the houses makes me think twice.

Also my buddy moved up there 2-3 weeks ago and he is now living in a BRAND NEW house and is paying $1,000 rent and it is bigger and nicer than his rent house here in dallas for the same $1,000. Does this mean the owner is taking a negative cash flow waiting for the appreciation?

I heard Florida was hot as far as appreciation goes and that was what alot of speculators were doing… buying houses before the ground is broken at deep discounts. I would sure prefer to BUY and OWN a home in amarket like that than get an apartment and be investing in other properties instead of my homestead.

I just sold my house here in Orlando that I paid 160k for in March '01 for 330k. The market here is screaming. We’re scrambling to move into the “best” part of town but the house, which is beautifully finished with a pool and all of the extras is 500k.

I figure the same house will be $575k next year. Had to take the plunge.

Yeah that is good for you! Heh… Not me when I wouldn’t even qualify for your house with the 2001 market value. LOL

So now that homes are 300K I for sure would not be able to afford a house such as that. My buddy lives in Apopka? an area called Plymouth I think he said.