Moving Out

Moving out to where? That is a good starter… Have a great night!

i’d make sure to take my toothbrush ;D

In my vast experience I have found that clean undies are a must! :eek:

Yes they are mdhaas! And you will probably want an extra pair just in case “Oopsy, you let a poopsy!”

sorry! it has been a long day and you should never leave yourself open with a question like that :bash:

Now what exactly is it that you are trying to gain feedback on?

You want to move out and buy a place? and?

In all seriousness, you will need money (and guts don’t hurt either). It is a lot tougher than most think, to live on your own.

You will have bills you didn’t even know existed. Rent, electric, phone, gas, water/sewer (possibly), healthcare, gas, auto repairs, auto insurance, renter’s insurance, groceries, incidentals, etc…

Save your money, and then move out. Nothing beats free room and board. That being said, I moved to Oregon (from Alaska) the DAY I turned 18, on $2000. I have also lived in a tent and slept out of my car before also.

Good luck,


Be smart about it get a tara grant and get cash back at closing (the legal way) and but that money aside for slow months. With your ambition towards this you will have that house paid off in no time… I have faith in you!