moving a house

what do you think about moving houses? Is it too risky?

it all depends on what kind of shape the house is in and how large it is. generally if the house is over 16’ tall, it is hard to move because of power lines, street lights, etc.

in south Louisiana I recently paid $3,000 to have a 1,000 sf house moved; all went well. i found that distance the house was to be moved did not make much difference in price. it seems it is the picking up and putting down of the home that is the price factor.

Howdy Yelena:

Watch for curvy roads in subdivisions. My friends had to knock down rock mailboxes and rebuild to move the house they did. Cost an extra $1500.


thanks guys!
It is risky also. Would you do it for re-sell?
Lets say I put 10K for new land, 20K foundation+basement, 5K house itself, 20K movers. 55-60K I put in it. I could re-sell it, lets say, for 80-85K.
I could, probably find a rehab and make 10K less, but there is no risk involved, like when I move a house, that the house will fall and that it would not fit foundations, and so on…
What would you do? Would you move a house or you would rather do rehabs?
Thanks guys

Yelena… are you from MA?


You are going to have to rehab a house afer you move it. I did not see those figures in you calculations. It might be as cheap to build a new house.