Moving A Home


First off, I am 17 year old High School student at a small private school. The pastor approached me about a real estate deal. Basically, the church has a two story house on a basement that needs to be either demolished or moved. He used to live in this home with his family, but recently moved to a new home. The church needs more parking space, and they want to turn the land where the home is placed into parking space.

He said he will give me the opportunity to find someone and charge them a small fee for the home. So the home is free other than the fee I charge them.

Problem is… how much would it cost to literally move a home?

I am from the Fort Wayne, Indiana area… and around the church there is plenty of areas where people own land but no home. So there is opportunity for people to purchase a home for just the hassle and cost of moving it.

Any one know the cost of actually having a home moved?



I’m also from Fort Wayne. My step dad owned a company that used to build new construction and I’m sure he could find a solution to your problem.

Why does he want to sell the house to you?

I don’t think he wants to sell it. I think he is a super don’t wanter. Meaning they don’t even want the house on their property anymore, and they don’t want to pay to demo it.

Youre only 17 he cant negotiate with you… I think he is trying to take advantage of you… After all he is a Pastor…

No he isn’t negotiating with me at all. Basically he is giving me my first real estate deal.

All I do is find someone who wants the home, I charge them my own fee, and the deal is done. He just is giving me an opportunity.

Stevie-o hit it on the nose… They don’t want to pay for the house to be demoed. The church is willing to just give this house away… If I find someone before they, I charge the person a fee.

I was just wondering the costs to actually move a home. I have contacted a few Amish who own land with no home, but they wanted to know the cost of moving a home… I couldn’t answer.

Jared, maybe talk to your step dad, see what his thoughts are… maybe he knows a company that does this type work.

Thanks for all replies,


Just start calling all the local contractors in your area or in the bigger cities near you. Eventually you will get a quote but you will want at least 3 quotes.

I was joking… I need to be funnier

I’ve looked at couple deals like this (actaully half considering one right now). It depends on a lot of things but its 20-50K. If its a standard tract house, it likely not worth it. It really needs to be historic or in A-1 condition; otherwise, its a lost cuase (from what I have seen)

I thought it was hilarious Michael! Austin… I’ll PM you.

E-mail sent Jared. Looking forward to talking with you.

Michael I actually did laugh, but was just making sure my posts were clear enough for people to understand.