Move to Australia? Hrmm..

I just heard Austrailian girls like American boys (im an American boy) and im not gonna lie… I do find the Australian accent kind of hott. :bobble

So… does anybody know anything about Austrailias government/debt and real estate investing climate? How about cost of living.

Not a cheap place to live and they don’t allow immigrants who are not bringing a boatload of cash with them.

Maybe they have a work visa for people who have job skills that are in demand. It would be easy enough to ask their embassy.

I just sat next to an aussie on the airplane yesterday. Sounds like a very repressive govt. He was pretty liberal and kept going into politics. I would love to visit, but never live there. You want hot girls, go to buenos aires. I brought one back from there! She is the greatest girl on the planet.

asking the immigration and people who lived there would be a nice idea