Motivational tips for Realtors and Real Estate Investors.

Hi guys,

New here but thought I’d share some motivational tips for those involved in our industry during these turbulent times. Enjoy-

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Being a realtor or property investor can be rewarding both financially and personally when done correctly. The ability to quickly flip a house in a few weeks for profit margins which look like someone’s annual salary might be your motivation. Transforming a rundown house into a beautiful property guaranteed to give a lucky family years of pleasure and comfort might be your motivation. Helping someone on their path to property ownership via a lease option might motivate you. Selling a property well over asking price may motivate you. Whatever your personal motivation, it’s the petrol in your engine that fires up the necessary components that gets you out of bed every day.

Motivation, are you there? So, we all know what motivation is, but what do we do about it when it goes missing? Every property investor and realtor on the planet has gone through rough patches. Your business phone stops ringing, motivated sellers seem to be contacting everyone but you, you miss a few deals by the smallest of margins, a rehab has gone way over budget, or potential clients tell you to f*%K off after you’ve cold-called them. Things can get tough and this can be draining.

It’s so easy to get yourself in a rut or become blasé about your real estate business after experiencing these events within your business. Getting yourself out of the said rut… Not so easy, especially during these turbulent times as a result of COVID-19.

8 Tips for Staying Motivated. Everyone has heard of Tony Robbins, Dave Goggins, and a handful of other influencers who strive to help people find, keep or regain their motivation. These guys are extremely good at what they do in helping motivate other people towards a better life. But aside from paying some guru a fortune in the hope that his or her enthusiasm for personal growth rubs off on you, are there steps you can take to motivate yourself? Absolutely! Read on to see what steps you can take to keep your chin up and progressing towards your goals by turbo-charging your daily routine.

Get it done now & stop procrastinating. You need to know that at some point in your life, the pain of not doing it will eventually exceed the pain of actually doing it. “It” refers to any task which you have procrastinated about performing but needs to be done. Identify those tasks, do them, and move forward. This means knocking on that door, ringing that client, or cold-dialing one more phone number. It’s less painful to hear “no” than to see the client sell their house at a discount to another investor who went ahead and made the extra effort.

Get your inner voice under control with this trick. How your inner monologue operates is crucial to building and keeping the motivation you need. Research suggests that just 2 words can positively influence your levels of motivation. “Will I?” The simple act of asking yourself a question rather than telling yourself to perform a task has been proven to increase the likelihood of performing that task. (1)

Eat a healthy breakfast. Choosing a healthy breakfast in the morning has been proven to increase your cognitive ability for the rest of the day. (2)

Exercise in the morning. Exercising in general has long been known to increase your cognitive ability and reduce levels of depression and anxiety. (3) Starting an exercise program every morning allows you to start your day on the right note. There are fewer distractions, you beat the summer heat, and you make better food choices throughout the day as a result. (4 & 5)

Practice mindfulness. If you are in a rut, studies have shown that practicing mindfulness can cause you to set better goals. (6) Mindfulness can help you set self-concordant goals. Self-concordance is defined as the extent to which people pursue personal goals with feelings of intrinsic interest and identity congruence. You read that correctly. Your mind can better plan out your goals and aspirations simply by performing mindfulness techniques on a regular basis.

Change your mindset on success. Studies have shown that humans perform better and are more competitive when they set out to win rather than just “not lose.” This means that if you are flipping houses to pay the bills and fill in some time, you’ll be outperformed at every step by a competitor who is out to win. (7)

Be happy. Happiness is an emotion that we’d all like to feel as often as possible, but did you know that happiness is a contributing factor to motivation? A behavioral neuroscientist discovered that rats with lower dopamine levels weren’t willing to climb a small fence to get to a larger pile of food, compared to rats with higher levels of the hormone. (8) The happier rat got the reward! So, spend time just doing things you love.

Make the 7 steps above daily habits. Habitual behavior and motivation go hand in hand. This tip is quite simple. If you perform the above tasks at least once, you’ll receive a proportional & reciprocal amount of motivation in return. Perform the tips every day and enjoy a lifetime of higher performance.

You’ll notice above that I haven’t given you any industry-specific habits above. That’s because your personal growth as a person will not only flow over into your professional life by following these tips, but your personal growth will flow into every aspect of your life. Good luck with it and go get some ink on a purchase agreement today.


Thanks for the tips. These are very useful, especially in these times.

Thanks, we can all use motivation at times.