Motivated Sellers.... how to find them ?

Whats the best way to them in this market? My friend says Notice of defualt list how would that work?

There are a ton of ways to find motivated sellers- it’s best to do as many as you can and have many lines in the water…

Here are some that I can think of:

Ads on Craigslist, networking, bandit signs, pre-foreclosure mailings, offers on REOs, pre-foreclosure door knocking, mailers to absentee owners…

Those are just a few.

As far as your notice of default list, you could either mail to them, or go knkock on their door and see if you can strike up a deal. Like anything else, it is a numbers game, so the more doors you knock on, or the more letters you send, the more deals you will get.

Just do something.

Good luck, :cool

You need to invest in your education. There are plenty of good books out there. This website has a home study course from Ron Legrand which is very good. I purchased that and have read 5 other books and have soaked up everything I can from the Internet. I also joined a local REI Group.

I have used my county’s tax assessor database to farm to people in my neighborhhod who’s assessment value is at least double the last sale price of the home. I then add these people to my database and mail them a postcard every month. The postcard says how I can sell their home quickly and has the benefits of using me. The postcard has a phone number to call with a 24 hour recorded message so recipients of my postcards can get additional info on my service. After that point, if they want to contact me, they can leave me a detailed voice mail message from my 24 hour recorded message. Some of these people are single home owners. Some are out of state landlords.

From the above mailings, one lady called me and practically wanted to give me her house. She was a single homeowner with homes. Another person is a landlord with too many homes and is now burned out. I mailed him postcards on 2 properties he owns in my farm and he wants me to help him with other properties I didn’t even know about. One thing just leads to another.

In addition to the farm, I drive around 2 to 3 times per week looking for “ugly” houses. I add them to the same prospective sellers database that my farm prospects are in. This will also produce results in a month or two.

Good luck!

Its honestly all about the marketing. The more you do the more the phone will ring. Your marketing has to “standout” from the crowd. Find a way to be different. Also, know who you’re farming to. There are numerous types of Sellers. As real estate is all about Location so is Marketing. Keep trying until something fits. Good luck.