Most/Least Complicated part of Wholesale

To all wholesalers:
What is the most complicated part of the entire wholesaling process?
What is the easiest part of the entire wholesaling process?

In your opinion.


The hardest part is closing to the end buyer!

The easiest part is taking the check to the bank!


lol@taking the check to the bank. That was good.

I’d say for most people the toughest part would be actually Negotiating a good enough deal. Most people aren’t born with the skill of negotiating that well. Most of us have to be taught the art of it, and it is an art. Once you master the art of negotiating, funny thing happens deals get sold quick because buyers want in on your deal.

I really need to sit on a negotiation…all the videos in the world can’t get you that kind of experience.

Yeah, in my opinion working on becoming a good negotiator is what makes or breaks. Many ppl think of negotiating as a fight, when it’s not if you do it properly. Also I know a lot of ppl who simply pick a percentage and go with that. Then there are ppl who break one of the first rules on negotiation which is naming the number first, which you never want to do. Just go to the library and poke around, study and apply the techniques.

The hardest part to me is keeping a humble head when dealing with sellers. lol. Some of these guys really that they are going to get full market value for their house. So I would say the hardest part is not laughing in their face when they say what they want for the house. If they are where you want them to be, the coolest part would be to stay cool and not show them that you are excited that you see dollar signs.

The easy part is cashing the check. :beer

The hardes part for me thus far is finding the right team players to put the deal together. I really had a hard time finding a title company that understood what exactly a wholesaler does. Really just flying by the seat of my pants on my first deal, hoping the pieces fall into place and hoping that my investors do go behind my back and cut me out of the deal!