Mortgage Pros!...Need Help With Spread Sheet

I’m working a spread sheet that reflects property laddering over 30 years. Having trouble with the amort tables. Anyone up to it?



I can probably help if you can better describe “laddering” as it relates to amortization.

Do you already have a spreadsheet that you’re using? Let me take a look and I can make some suggestions and/or improvements.


What’s your e-mail. I will send it to you.

I’m trying to show net worth if an investor purchases a rental property and then drops all of the cash flow into an interest bearing savings account @ 4.5% annual compounding monthly. I factor in property appreciation at 3% and principal reduction (amortization).

Initally the investor puts 100K down. Everytime the investors savings account reaches 100K they purchase another property using the assumption that it is just like the last.

Year 1 purchase million dollar rental 100K down
Year 3 purchase another million dollar rental 100K down
Year 5 purchase 2 million dollar rentals 100K down, etc.

I sent you a PM with my contact info. I’ll take a look.