mortgage program from australia

has anyone out there heard of this new program that started in australia that is supposed to help you pay off you home in 8-15 years instead of 15. i spoke with a guy from a mortgage company who was telling me about it and what you do is put all your money into one account and that goes towards your equity in your home and you have one big account that is a home equity line of credit, well any bills that you need to pay, you pay out of this account, the more money you have in there the more you have in equity which means the less interest your paying. the program is supposed to help you pay more principle then interest and the more money you save and the more money you make the less time it will take you to sell your house. has anyone used this program? they charge you 3500.00 to start because they give you the software to manage your account, i heard about this 6 months ago also from a guy in vegas.

This topic was debated at length on this forum, do a search for money merge accounts.

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