mortgage originating

I want to do owner financing and need to check credit score of my potential buyers. Any suggest website to look at?

What about the same sites people use to check credit for their potential tenants? You can search the forums on here for a list of them.


i think it may have been you that sent me a message in a very polite and classy way that what I posted was out of line and if I have the correct person I just wanted to say you were right and I was wrong both times first when I posted the first post then second when I try to justify it. I try to own my mistakes and again I was wrong and you were right this forum is and has been very helpful for some many people and what I posted should of not been posted PERIOD.

My only hope is that I have the right person but regardless my apologies to everyone on here especially the site owners.

It won’t happen again.

No problem. This is a really great site with forums dedicated to education and helping others. It would all just turn into a big food fight if everyone started advertising their deals on here.
Have a good day!