Mortgage Info?

Other than talking with the home owner, is there a way to see how much the current home owner has left on their mortgage, or how much equity they currently have? If it helps I am in Texas.


Although not an exact number, I usually look up the property in the court house recoreds and get a listing of mortgages. If you have a reasonable idea if they are current or how far in arrears you can work backwards from the date and startting balance of the mortgasge using either mortgage software (there are several free products) or an amortization table (also available with several free products, some even web based)

Equity is approximately = FMV - ((sum of mortgage balances) + (sum of liens)) - repair costs

Why not just talk to the homeowner and find out? you’ll also see just how motivated they are. If they’re not motivated none of the rest makes much difference