mortgage brokers!!

my mortgage broker is looking for some lenders who are doing stated loans still, can anyone give me your contact # so i can set you up with her?

Sun Trust Mortgage
Indy Mac Bank

All have stated income loan products to date…


Indy doesnt do stated on investment.

Why are you working with a broker that has to ask where to get loans done instead of working with one that specializes with investment loans?

Ben is right—IndyMac only provides a FULL DOC option to investors…

This appears to be an example of “who you know” (the relationship) trumping “what you know” (experience).


Scott Miller

LOL are you shopping for you broker? Thats her job! :flush

Alot of lenders/banks are still doing stated loans (at least in Florida)

I just did one a couple of months ago with Aurora…Just FYI…