Mortgage brokers in PA?

What is the best way to get financing for a commercial apartment building? Is it through commercial mortgage brokers? Are any of you commercial mortgage brokers in PA? Mike

Mike, how many units is the building?

Number of units is 10 and just wondering if a commercial mortgage broker is the best way to finance apt. buildings or if there is a better way.

Yes it is the best way.

With 10 units you can get up to 90% financing.
You can try to do it yourself, but if you do, you are resigned to banks. Banks generally will give you 80% LTV at best.
If you have an awesone credit score, have a mx LTV of 80% and you can go Full doc and your P&L shows a strong profit and cash flow, then going directly to a bank may be your best route (my advice even though they are my competition :slight_smile:
If however, any one of those three areas is missing, then a broker or non bank lender is a going to provide you with a better deal.