Mortgage Broker

Has anyone ever heard of George Ropchan or Wes-State Mortgage? I recieved a booklet from him telling how he could show anyone how to make money by becoming a mortgage broker. I have my suspisions about this, but thought I would see if anyone else had heard of this guy. Claims to have a big mortgage company in Oregon that does millions of dollars in the mortgage business.

I was on that site last week and I recieved a mailing from them yesterday. They claim that you can make money being a note/mortgage broker

Wes-state is a net branch - essesntially a franchised mortgage shop except no franchise fees. The lenders and licensing is already secored you just go out and produce.

The mortgage industry can be lucrative, but can be unerving without quite a bit of support. If you have never done it before I think the transition would work out quite a bit better in an established shop in your town. You’ll get the benefit of closer support, leads and some people to share ideas with

Going it alone in the beginning is possible but VERY difficult

Like everything what you get out is what you put in - if they will support and train and your comitted to giving it a go you’ll make it work

Good Luck