More Specific Listing

This is a 2 part question:
Does anyone know if there are any newer/better or little known places to purchases lists, besides
I want to explore other listing services…Would like to have a service where you can specify how many Beds and Baths.


I have purchased records for every multifamily project in my country for about $100. I could have sifted for just about anything. The issue is that you want the information in Excel format so you can sift the data, and customize a mailing list.

Not every county offers this data, and mine kind of forced me through maze of people before I finally got to the one whom had control of the data. I was an unusual customer I discovered.

You’ve got to call the county tax assessors office, or the county recorder’s office and ask where property data can be purchased, if it can be purchased at all. Don’t expect them to be able or willing to sort the data according to your customized needs. It’s probably all, or nothing.

Meanwhile, Listsource buys raw data ‘tapes’ for each county, or it pays abstractors to cull out the data. I know in Alabama it’s illegal for Title companies to provide property data in bulk for privacy reasons, but you can hire an abstractor to get the same information. I would bet that the abstractors just buy the entire tape from the county and then create a customized output on demand. I don’t know.

You just have to ask around, until you get answers. Property data for all the property in Orange County, CA costs several thousand dollars, but you have EVERYTHING in real time, accurate within the last two weeks. I’m not sure if your county will provide data, or if they’ll deliver it sifted, but you want it delivered in Excel format, so you can easily merge it into labels, and do further sifting as necessary.