more contract help-out of state seller

I know there is a way in my state (SC) to have a contract (option for sell/purchase) e-signed, but I don’t know what service to use. Here the state requires a notary and a witness to sign documents and they want the original document to be filed. Do I really have to drive two states away, hire a notary and drive back and record? Anyone with experience with this issue would be appreciated. I’m hoping there is a good online notary service that some of you may use.


You send contract by overnight delivery service (FedEx) with a pre addressed return pack pre paid inside, your seller goes to their local notary and signs with witness, makes a copy and sends originals back to you.

You file and record the original documents and once you exercise your agreement you open escrow / title with a local escrow / title company to handle closing the actual sale.

A notary always needs the signer present in person to present their state issued license or passport, sign the notaries book and then sign the document as without being present in person it is impossible to know factually that the person is really that person.


Thank you so much!