Monthly Rental Amounts

Does anyone have suggestions where to find various current rental amounts (online) for several cities throughout the US?

I have heard there is a site called rentalmeter, or something of the sort, but that it is about 6 months behind in actual amounts.

Newspapers seem as if they would have the most current information…(?)

Thanks for any tips/ideas!

I look at online newspapers for the area.

I invest in two states. When I look in the City of Virginia MN I will look at or for Hibbing MN. When I look at Wisconsin then I will look at or

The online papers work pretty good so just google the city papers and look online.

I also had this question.

Can you use apartment rent rates to estimate what a single family will bring in the same area, same size, same condition?

Or do single families usually bring in a little more?

Single families always bring more.

Most newspapers have their classifieds on-line.

I like to use the rentals in Craigslist because they have photos.

There can be $2,000 difference in the rent between one 3 bedroom house and another, so it helps if you can see what the tenant is getting for their money.