Verily, I say unto you

MONEY can buy a house, but not a home.

It can buy a clock, but not time.

It can buy you a position, but not respect.

It can buy you a bed, but not sleep.

It can buy you a book, but not knowledge.

It can buy you medicine, but not health.

It can buy you blood, but not life.

Hope this made you smile. Laughter is the best medicine.

Money can’t buy goofy topics either. They come

absolutely free.

I got a modified version of this today in my e-mail and thought now that is so true as far as REI… Most Real estate investor’s spend so much time doing R.E.I. and not enough time on the important things in life. So I guess this is my way of saying I am going to spend the weekend with my wife and 5 kids because all the money in the world can not replace lost time with them… Have a great weekend and I will respond again on monday!!!

I learned early into this and this is the best advice I can ever give in order to be a success you need to have the support of your friends and family. And the best way to get that is make them the largest investment… AND THAT IS TO GIVE THEM THE INVESTMENT OF TIME.


See ya monday!

Truer words were never written.

Thanks for the reminder, Robb!

(That’s also part of the messsage in the signature line below.) :wink:

I couldn’t agree more!

We must always remember that all we have is THIS moment.

Money does not bring happiness. Giving yourself does.

It’s so nice to hear how much you cherish this precious time with your family.

That is what has made YOU so successful Robb. You have your priorities in order.

Enjoy your weekend!
Linda :slight_smile:

That is so sweet…what is happening to you Robb??? :stuck_out_tongue:


What a great (LONG) weekend.

Sit with the family for an hour and it feels like a minute!

Sit on a hot stove for a minute and it feels like and hour!

That is relativity!

But it is just like one of the best bumper stickers I have ever seen…

“I owe I owe so back to work I go!!!”


What do you owe? ::slight_smile:


I still owe 80% on 93 properties So 14.8 million Not to much though!