Money to spend but where?


South Texas is a good place. However,…we did make history in 2004 and woke up x-mas morning to a foot of snow. But don’t worry, the chances of that happening again are slim to none and… we we’re back in shorts and sleeveless shirts two days later.
San Antonio is opening a new Toyota plant…lots of jobs there. They are also bringing in the film industry, kind of like another Hollywood. The market is pretty good in the entire South Texas region. Maybe that’s why we are so darned flooded with Realtors.
But that’s just my opinion. Don’t feel bad about being a wuss :-,that’s the very reason I live here 8)

Since you will have some considerable cash and also looking for longterm properties, look at some large cities in other southern states, like Alabama and Mississippi. There you can buy 10+unit properties for under 20K a unit, of course rent is much less than Florida…but it can be longterm, low appreciation I believe…Also if you are not into being near the property, I recommend Pittsburgh, Albany and Detriot and the mulitfamily properties can be bought for 15-50K with no problem and rent for $250-350 per unit in PCF easily many times…Just check with the local REIA clubs for recommended investing areas and a great property management company before investing out of town…

i will be happy to provide u with an address to send all that money too ;D

I agree with carolann. South Texas is booming. You can buy two to three SFH for the price of one here in CA. I’m seriously looking to invest in San Antonio and El Paso. Appreciation is somewhere from 4% to 8%. I believe El Paso had double digits by the end of 2005. The only thing I don’t like in San Antonio is most SFH have HOA fees. It’s good for the neighborhood, but it cuts in to your cash flow as an investor. Multi units are not popular (per the agents I spoke with).

Boise, ID and ABQ, NM are really booming. Denver, CO has a buyers market right now with a glut of contruction, but anywhere north or south on I-25 is booming as is the western slope of the Rockies. Las Vegas is starting to tank as is most of Cali…Phoenix and Tucson are still strong, but I figure that will change in the near future. South/Central Texas is strong, especially Colin and Denton Counties north of DFW, anywhere along the I-35 corridor down to San Antonio. St. Louis, MO believe it or not is doing extremely well with an average of 8% appreciation. These are a few markets I have some experience in.

stay away from TX. u can’t do it here…ah, i mean there. it’s not a good market. in fact, it’s the worst market in the whole US right now. yeah, it’s the worst!

You guys obviousely don’t know south texas, has nothing to do with DFW. We could be our own country…in addition to that spell check-a-ma thing,…we also need a geography check-a ma-thing.

P.S. Judd…it snows in Dallas

Thanks Flipsonic,…for knowing where the money can be made :slight_smile:

Really? I’m from Ft Worth and have been all over the great state of Texas for the past 30 odd years. Reread the post and you’ll see I specifically mentioned the I-35 corridor from DFW to San Antone. DUH!! At various times I’ve lived in McAllen, Ft Worth, Arlington, Garland, Dallas, Corpus, Brownsville, Texarkana, Tyler, Amarillo, Eagle Pass, El Paso, San Antonio, Childress and Austin. Does that cover just a little bit of the state? At least 6 of those cities qualify as South Texas, don’t they? :wink: Hell, I even have a map of Texas tattoed on my right bicep for quick reference. I think I know the state, sweetheart… :wink: Probably much more than you ever will.

What makes you so sure of my geographical knowledge?
I was referring to Tonis “stay away from Texas” :frowning:
BTW…only 4 of your mentioned cities qualify for south Texas!
How long have you been away??? ??? Check the geographical knowledge of your tattoo artist. South is the bottom portion… San Antoinio to Brownsville, central is Austin to Waco, North is DFW. Forgive me if I forget to mention a few pertinant cities,…like I said above,…we could be our own country and…thats just my opinion. Let’s not get ugly here

I stand corrected, 4 only qualify…BTW, I used to raod trip form McAllen to Austin just to party on 5th Street back in the old days…I never get defensive until I feel attacked ;). Being a born and bred Native Texan, I completely understand the pride. Can we kiss and make up? :-*

6th Street

Sure Dave ,…we can kiss and make up :-*…one more correction…Austin,… wasn’t that 6th street?? At least it was in my road trip party days. Wasn’t trying to attack you, …sorry 'bout that!


East Tennessee is booming with people moving out of Florida.

PFC means Positive Cash Flow

SO Floridians are moving to Tenn now…humm…first I am hearing of that and I live in SFL…I know alot are moving to GA, since you still get nice weather, 3 or 4 seasons depending on where and really no hurricanes…they all tend to bypass GA and hit the Carolina’s.

my wife is currently working with three clients from Florida. Most ciite hurricanes as the reason for leaving. They also like the Smokey Mtns. and 3/4 seasons.

Any other opinions as to the future for CO? I haven’t seem much mention of this area at all.

Denver, CO has a buyers market right now with a glut of contruction, but anywhere north or south on I-25 is booming as is the western slope of the Rockies. Just moved from there…