Money partner question

I currently have 1 rental and 1 finished rehab that is currently on the market. While waiting for it to sale, I would like to do another project which is a duplex fixer. My plan is to purchase using local bank with 20% down including fixup and then immediately refinance to get down payment and a little more out and keep for long term rental. My question is would it be possible to find a money partner to put up the 20% since they would be in 2nd position? It would only be for about 8 weeks (rehab time) and then when I refi I would pay back the loan and interest. I have more than enough equity to cover this loan. Any suggestions?



Private lenders hate 2nd position so it will be a tough sell but it is possible. I would start with people that you know. Also check the CLTV requirements for the bank loan - they may not allow a subordinate lien.