Looking at a property has two houses, however I believe the second house is not legal (zoned Single Family in a 3 acre zone). The second house is also loaded with black mold due to a failed roof. I would like to demolish the second house, would I need to get the mold professionaly removed? And how would I guestimate the costs(for both mold removal and demo of home)? The second house is roughly 1100 sqft.

Contact your local Fire Department and see if they need to do any training. They usually love the opportunity and you’ll be left with ashes.

Justins is a cool idea. I don’t think you would have to do any mold removal if you are just demolishing it. Only do mold removal on anything that you keep which has mold on it or is organic and can grow mold.

That is what I was thinking, would be the quickest and cheapest way to get rid of the structure. Than just haul away the ashes. But this is in NJ, the state the prides itself of being the Junior California so it might not even be an option. I will ask around though, just to double check

I just did a house with REALLY bad mold. I got two of those professional air masks (about $50/each) and replacement filters and hired a buddy and did the demo myself and used about 4 roll-offs. When everything was down to the studs, I went to home depot and rented a fogger that you put a mold control solution in. It’s supposed to kill any remaining spores, cover the studs in a layer of something that makes mold not grow anymore. THEN I called my local environment air specialist to run air tests in the house (it was free) and the city signed off and wrote me a nice letter about how everything was up to living conditions.