I’m looking at a house that has mold present, from roof damage and water leakage. Is there a ballpark price range for taking care of that?

You need to get a mold specialist in there and determine whether its is toxic or not.
Price range I do not know but toxic mold will be more expensive to remidiate.
Call a mold specialist and ask some questions to them.

Good luck


1/2 bleach 1/2 water, spray it on and scrub!

Cost of mold removal for average 3/2 1500sqft home. $85

2 gallons of Clorox $1.98 + tax
Sprayer - $19.99 +tax
Respirator and jumpsuit- $50?
Homeless man…I mean Trained Mold Specialist $10(Mcdonalds value meal and a 6pack of generic beer)