Mold Test Kits

Where is the best place to get Mold Test Kits?

Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc.

I have heard people say that the mold test kits that you find in the hardware stores are designed to collect and grow mold spores. The companies that design these kits know that there is mold in homes, so these little dishes are made to act like incubators of mold. The goal is for the mold to start growing so that when you see it, you look on the box or at your instructions and you notice that it says you can send it in and for just $30.00 or so the company will issue you a report that will let you know exactly what is found growing in that dish.

So the advice is do not waste your money on commercial do-it-yourself mold tests. You end up spending the same amount of money for much less service. Always have a professional do the testing.

I agree with Moses O. When we had a tenant complain of mold we called a couple of attorneys that deal with mold. Yes, they are the ones that SUE landlords for mold damage to the tenants. But they knew the names of the reputable mold remediation companies in the area. We contacted those companies for advice and a bid.

Mold spores do float around in the air outside and inside. Think of a big pile of rotting leaves and a windy day. There will be spores. But it is a proliferation of the unhealthy kind at very high levels indoors that could sicken people.

If you are in a smaller town you might have to deal with it yourself. Do research online. There are scam artists in the mold remediation business, which is still under-regulated being that it is a newly recognized problem. Good luck and let the rest of us know how you solved your problem.