Mold Removal - promising post.


Just had to give some props to my brother who is working on a rehab with me. We had some mold issues due to neglect, improper grade, tree and shrub growth, a block foundation, plugged gutters, and downspouts draining straight down at the foundation.

  1. Corrected water problem (outside grade, downspouts, gutters).
  2. Bleach and water treatment to remove the mold. More Information can be found at
  3. Patched failing mortar joints inside and out.
  4. Drylock walls after moisture subsides.

Check out the nearly finished project:


Looks like a good job, Bob…hopefully all of your work corrected the issues!


Thanks for the photos – appears to be a very nice job. Hopefully the mold is gone forever :slight_smile:

I love photos! I just don’t know how to share them. I document all my rehabs. That would be fun to share with each other.

Take care!

Tami, is suppossed to be a free system that you can upload photos to, make captions, and people can comment on the photos. Check it out, and share your photos with us!