Mold Mold Mold

I have a rental that I have put an extensive amount of work into and it still gets mold in the bathroom. We have had a fan put in, all new windows, painted with Kills, etc. I also had a mold specialist out and they said that most of the mold was "dry and old’ and of no danger BUT everytime I paint over it, especially in the bathroom, it comes back within a matter of days. I have renters moving out of the property at the end of March and I need to clear the problem up before I rent it again. Any suggestions? Maybe when all the work (painting, etc) was done it never had a chance to fully dry since they were still using the bathroom/shower? I am not sure if oil heat has anything to do with it? When I bought the house about 1.5 years ago there were no signs of mold…help!

Bleach it and let it dry. Repeat if any stills shows. Then prime with Killz and let it dry for a few days. When you get your paint from the hardware store, there is an anti-mildew additive that can be mixed it. Let it dry thoroughly before any use.

I attended a short seminar on mold remediation. The mold specialist say that using diswasher detergent was more effective than bleach because it removed more of the root. You might give that a try.


Mold usually grows because it is damp/wet. Until you remediate the cause of the moisture, you will continue to have mold/mildew and it will continue to bleed through your paint…