Mold Mold everywhere MOLD

OK rehabbers I need a little advice. I looked at a home today that has extensive mold on the walls, ceilings and floors. It wipes off pretty much with a swipe of the finger. But it’s everywhere.

The home is about 5 years old. Full basement with no water in the basement. The ceilings are not showing water damage from the attic or roof. But the mold is on the 1st and 2nd floors of the house as well as the drywall leading to the basement.

**Does all the drywall need replacing? Does it just need to be cleaned with Bleach? Does the plywood floor underlayment need to come out?

In other words is this a very major problem best left to the experts, or is this fixable?
I’d love to hear from several rehabbers on this problem.

Thanks, newbie Larry

The best of the best

your first step is to get a mold inspection for about $400-$700 to determine what kind of mold it is (there are many many different kinds, many are harmless). However, something cuase this house to have mold everywhere and it means it must have had high humidity/water in there for some period of time. Got to figure out the root cause

Find the source of the mold and determine what it will take to resolve that. At the same time find out what type of mold it is. You could end up having to replace all of the drywall and possibly the stud work depending on the severity of the problem. Mold clean-ups can snowball really quick!! Be very carefull with this.


Another thing you might need to consider is the fact that you might have to disclose that there was mold in the home at one time.