MOLD - is it a big problem or a inexpensive fix? I need to know

When buying a property/house that is full of mold how big of an issue is it to clean off the mold? Can it just be washed with a special solution or regular cleaning supplies; or does the wood, drywall, joists, cabinets, etc. need to be replaced to completely remove the mold from the house?

Please advise.

You should make yourself aware of disclosure issues in your state. Remediating something like mold, lead, asbestos, etc. yourself can leave you on the hook if there are further issues.

In some cases, the “professional” may not do anything more than you would or can but you may be transferring any future liability to the professional.

I work for an environmental consultanting firm, mold is not my specialty but I have had lengthy discussions on the subject with IAQ (indoor air quality) specialist .

In my state their currently are no regulations regarding mold remediation.

It is impossible to eliminate mold spores , they can be found everywhere indoors/outdoors. When there is mold growth there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed prior to remediation. mold requires the right environment to thrive. Usually what spawns the growth is a moisture problem i.e, leaking roof, walls, pipes. its these contributing factors need to be eliminated.

There are also health risks associated with remediating yourself without proper personal protective equipment.

we work with homeowners/RE agents to help identify the strains and develop a remediation plan. Often these clients have a tight budget and we are able to work with them to keep cost to a minimum. Look in you phone book and contact some companies to see if they can work with you.

the epa has a lot of info available too

Here in Massachusetts, you have to remove the drywall and install new sheets,time ago you could use bleach and then paint, every state is different, hope this help

Don’t use bleach like one of the other posts said. Use Hydrogen Perocide. You really need to remove the sheetrock because the studs will usually be involved. I use the perocide right off the shelf at the supermarket. if you are doing a large job, you can buy it from the local chemical Company but remember that they sell concentrated chemicals and you need to dilute it. if you don’t it can be hazardous. Make sure you comply with State and local regulations for use and disposal as well as safety.
Mold remediation used to be this daunting problem that no one knew anything about. When it became more known, anyone with a pickup and barrell of perocide became a contractor. It is really quite simple.
Good Luck

is it possible to get rid of mold? Somebody told me it is not…