Mold and Cracks

Have a question for ya, has anyone dealt with flipping properties with mold? Or foundation cracks?

I have a potential house that just sold last year for 187,000, it went back to the bank and now they only want 127,000 for the asking price, however it does have mold/infiltration & some foundation cracks & a roof that needs repaired… the comps are great tho and some are going in the upper 200’s so I am sitting on this wondering if I should even consider something like this if I could get it for around 90,000? What do you think…I haven’t got to go and inspect how much damnage is inside with the mold so it might not be all that bad? But this would be my first Flip…need help thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Depending where you live mold can be a killer and not only of your deal. There is a great video on mold available from Texas A&M’s real estate research site. Go to and go to their store area and you will find the $10 video.

We live in Michigan ???