Moe ????

My fico is a 584 a broker told me inorder to invest as a noo my score would have
to be a 680 so can i invest as a oo. Someone told me if i was to buy as a oo
that i would have to hold the house for 90 days to a year before a get the equity
also how can you get the equity at the closing table. ;D

 Why is your fico 584?  If you can't manage your money very well then you shouldn't consider real estate.  Many landlords face foreclosure and bankruptcy because of some unexpected expense like maintenance, vacancies or evictions.
 It's pretty easy to improve your credit, although it may be time consuming.  I wouldn't trust people who promise to repair your credit for a fee, but if you look in your bookstore you will find techniques that will work.  You may need to pay people back if you have charge offs.
 Owner occupied loans are pretty easy to qualify for, and you can use these types of loans for duplexes and I think fourplexes.
 Cash back at close is promised by a lot of gurus, but BE CAREFUL, banks don't like this to occur, and for it to be legal, you need to know what you are doing.  Definitely find someone who gets cash back at close, and someone else who can provide legal advice before you try something like that.