Modular Home Questions

Seriously considering building modular homes for retailing in Texas coastal community popular with retirees. Very impressed with new models, turnaround time, windstorm resistance, etc. Would appreciate any guidance from anyone with recent experience with factory-built homes…

  1. Any recommended companies that build in Texas.

  2. How are modulars perceived against normal tract houses by appraisers, realtors, public? New models don’t look or feel “trailer house”.

  3. Any issues with financing factory-built…construction or permanent?

  4. Any problems with building permits?

  5. Any perceived disadvantage with “chain wall” foundation used vs. poured slab?

  6. Construction/erection problems…extra charges, site prep, crane rentals, etc.

  7. How do modulars price against stick-built houses with similar amenites and square footage?

Apologies for length, but would appreciate any relevant info…Thanks!

Howdy Billtx:

I willemail a copy of this post to my dad in Dallas. He has a friend that has done several subdivions and he may be able to help you.

Good luck and thank you,
Ted P. Stokely Jr

Fantastic! Thank you for the assistance.

Bill -

Got any specifics in mind?

Looking for communities already built, or… will you develop your own?

Just curious.

Take care,

Eric C