mobile homes

Any one have links to used mobile homes for sale?

Best bet is to go mobile home auction or call a dealer and ask about auction on used.

Johnny is right…used mobile homes are very much a local thing…kinda like used cars, because used mobile homes are “personal property” rather than “real property”

The “Thrifty Nickel”, “American Classifieds”, and those sorts of weekly sales papers can be accessed on-line for different areas. The one we have here always has a ton of used mobiles in it.


Thanks fellers… Ill scoure the papers and call some dealers.

The idea of buying used mobile homes for sale and living in them is one that has been around for a very long time. Some people buy them from relatives and others, the government. Even though you may not think it will be possible to live in a mobile home for sale, it can be done, and now there are websites that allow you to do just that.

or you could search Facebook groups that deals with mobile homes

I have been doing mobile home recently. I found the old school marketing is still very effective. Bandit signs in the mobile home neighborhoods, post cards, cold calling. A lot less mobile home leads from modern marketing like google ads.