Mobile Homes

Got a question. I’m new to wholesaling and while placing an ad in the newspaper the woman taking my order told me that she has a mobile home on one acre that she is just “trying to get off of her hands.” A relative is staying there temporarily just to keep it occupied and she has a realtor but according to her “it’s just not moving.” She doesn’t want to own it any more. Is it possible to wholesale a mobile home. I’m in Columbia, SC and there are lots of them here but I’ve personally have never been interested in them and don’t know too much about them. Is this a waste of time? Can you give me some advice?

if its in good shape and u can get it for enough below FMV and be able to find some one to buy it fast then sure sounds like a possible deal just landed in your lap…so now its time to check out the mobile do some comps and see if there really is a deal there…i know i would

Thanks!! I was thinking the same thing but just wanted to check with someone more knowledgeable than myself. Appreciate the good advice.

im actually looking into a mobile myself…i found one for a pretty low price and i found a person that needs to relocate from st. louis and is looking for a mobile home so i might be be doing a deal on a wheel myself here soon