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A guy talked to me today, he has been trying to sell some mobile homes and has a few mobile home portfolios he said…im relatively new at investing and didn’t want to sound like i didn’t know anything. Regardless he wants to sell these portfolios…is there anyone out there who would know some of what this guy is talking about. I told him that I would like to try and work with him and that i would get back to him. I would appreciate any piece of advice…thanks




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I really wish I could voice my opinion, your post is something i will watch because i to am interested in mobile homes. There is a thread that comes to mind but i just can’t find it. You may want to search for it, i know it was somewhere in these forums.
There is also a book I heard someone talk about:
Hope this helps!

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As far as mobile homes go, Lonnie Scruggs is THE Guru…


If you want a great site to talk mobile homes, notes, land contracts, and the ins and outs of mobile homes with or without land here is a link you need to visit.



It sounds like this guy may be trying to sell you a bundle of mobile homes (some rented, some vacant, etc…). Most likely, this does not come with the land. This means that your portfolio of mobile homes comes with a monthly lot rent that you must pay wheter or not you have tenants renting out the units. Without the land you are buying a business not real estate, so it is impossible to find traditional sources of financing for this product. I’m not saying that you could not pay cash and or find private/unconventional financing sources, but this would not be something I would recommend (higher rates). That being said, they are highly profitable if you can keep them rented. Cap rates on these portfolios normally exceed 20%. Hope that helps some.