mobile home park

Hello ~

I am looking for some help in developing a mobile home community. I would like to know exactly what it takes to build from beginning to end; does any one here have experience starting a mobile home community?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Developing a mobile home park from raw land can be a tedious process (and very expensive). What type of park do you want to develop (who will be the residents)?

Do you already own the land? The land must be zoned for a MHP.

You need to get detailed construction costs for sewer, water, electricity, roads, etc.


Hello. I have a similar question. If I buy the land and it is already zoned properly, what are the expenses in making it a reality. It is zoned for 24 homesites and 48 deeded lots. It says that Power, Cable and Phone services are available but well and septic are needed.

This is on 6 acres in Florida.

I wonder about ballpark developing expenses because the zoned land is realtively inexpensive.


Other than well, septic, roads, clearing etc. is there something I am missing?

How does one advertise a new mobile home park?