Mobile Home Mansion - You got to see this!

This has got to be the funniest picture that I have seen in a long time! I saw this on a post and had to share!

I wonder where the elevator is? lol


I wonder how that gets valued? (How do you appraise that?)


I remember seeing last year that Dale Jr owns a 2 1/2 story manufactured home!


I highly doubt that there is a loan on that property. They probably just pay cash for abandoned homes and then cart them out to the property and add-on. What I wonder is if they insurance on that property.

Now that is one awsome set-up.

Extra credit points for creative use of a Conex, too!


I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT ALOT, IS IT STABLE? They can not be tied down, so i assume they were welded in place???

You made my day with that awesome complex!
The greenhouse!
The reflection pond!
The windmill!

Exactly my kind of place.
I calculate 6 furnished 1-bedrooms @ $1,800=$10,800/mo
1 furnished studio @ 1,500= $1,500/month
1 furnished 2-bedroom @ $1,950= $1,950/month
Total monthly rents=$14,250.

Even with the increase in my liability insurance premiums, I’d still buy it.


Owner Financing/No credit check all qualify on this unique 9br/6ba/ Multiple living area/kitchen/ Ingroud pool artisticly decorated for that one of a kind discerning Hillbilly that wants a little more and not afraid to go after it… call… me @(555) 555 1212. ps. your approved Highest reasonable offer takes this one of a kind gem… Hurry wont last long… Cause i may just burn it. :beer

This is actually an urban legend. Check out this site:

Real or Fake it does not matter, I use this picture on alot of my marketing. It makes people look and captures their attention.

That is the hardest part.