mobile home financing

I am getting ready to close on a double wide with land in Florida. It has some hurricaine damage and I plan on repairing it and reselling it. I am paying cash for it.
I paid $70,000 will put $10,000-$15,000 in to repairs and hopefully sell it for $120,000.
I am looking for a loan to buy other mobile homes in the same state of disrepair and sell them after I rehab them.
Does anyone know of any such loans out there for double wides with land? I have a FICO score of over 750.

Depending on the definition of “disrepair”

Getting rehab loans from major lenders will be difficult. Your best chance will be with HML’s. You will need to find a lender who will adjust the appraised value for “cost to cure”. (They will reduce the appraised value by the amount deemed necessary to cure the disrepair.)

As long as the home doesn’t have any environmental or major structural problems, you should be OK. Things like holes in the wall, and other somewhat minor problems are Ok as long as they are not hazardous. Some lenders will allow an escrow holdback for the purpose of fixing the problem. The escrow company will hold the money out of the proceeds (seller must agree to this), for the purpose of fixing the problem.

Mobile/Manufactured Home financing seems that it is becoming more difficult to obtain. It seems as though many lender’s who have offered it before have now tightened the guidelines or removed from their program guidelines altogether. Is anyone else seeing these changes?