mobile home eviction

If you rent out a lot for someone and someone puts their mobile home on it, how do you evict them when they do not pay the lot rent.
Is it a 3-day notice?
What happens if they just move out and leave the mobile home there?
This is my sister’s and she just used a regular rental agreement. I am now thinking she should have used something different.
any ideas?


Most states have separate laws for Mobile Home Parks, however it sounds like your problem is not connected with a MHP. So if I were you (or your sister) I would go file an unlawful detainer as you would with any other rental eviction.

As for what to do if the renter does not move their home… Put a lien on it and send a certified letter (Notice of Abandonment) to the last known address of the owner and/or lien holder. Depending on the law in your state you can then bid on it at the lien sale. It will probably take a few months total.

Richard Stephens

Thanks for the info!