Mobil home title

I would really appreciate if someone could send mr an email to tell me how to awuire a title to a mobilhome the is on my property its been here for about 20 years plus without a title i am trying to sell the property but am having problems becaus it doesnt have any titles it us a 80’s doublewide with no know last title and all i can get for vin#'s is 4 numbers on the part that hooksnup to tow it any help would be greatful i am in florida and i believe tge last title was inflorida also

You might obtain a duplicate title by calling your local mobile home titling agency and inquire about requirements. Normally the actual owner of record needs to give proof about being owner and pay a little fee.

Selling your mobile home can be complicated if you don’t have the title.

Would like to know this as well

One can acquire a duplicate mobile home title by filling out the proper paperwork through the Department of Motor Vehicles…it will likely require an Affidavit along with their paperwork, however, you can bring your circumstances to a representative at the DMV and they will lead and guide you to acquire a new title.

I have personally flipped 100’s of mobile homes since 1991 and that is how it is done.

Hope this helps.

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