MN financing

100% stated/stated 728 middle score. 315k loan…can anyone get this done with decent rate?

Sorry I worded it wrong…Fixed… ;D

You are definetly right. I am working with a lending group down here in Fl. I need to know where could I get the best leads in Fl. Please reply if you know.

Depends on what you deem as “decent”. Is this a primary residence or investment? Either way any broker approved with the right wholeale lenders should be able to offer attractive terms. Primary res looking probably looking at rates in the 5-6% range on the 1st and anywhere from 7-8% on the 2nd, if it’s an investment property add about 1-2%.

Shane is right…A “decent” rate is relative to what you are asking for… We need more details.

It’s easy for any broker here to just throw out rates. Dont forget there are cost to go along with that rate.
Hypothecially, high 4%s could be possible but your cost would be outrageous.

Dont forget to ask about prepays. Some programs have better rates if you choose to take a prepay.

You should always get a good faith estimate and truth in lending statement.

Definately right, without the whole picture rates are nothing. I assume you are referring to my post since I was the only one listing rates. Low and high range, high there wouldn’t be much if any broker fees, on the low there’d be well, broker fees.

Ben is right, it is easy to throw out rates. The market changes every day, and most lenders work with the same banks so no one has a monopoly on the “best” rates. The key is to find someone you trust who knows what they are doing and gives you fair deals year in and year out and has a long term, referral-based business philosophy.